Started in 2006, Pegs Unlimited is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on providing the best quality pegs and garden stakes in NZ.
The business has grown dramatically over time from the early days of a one-man operation, to over 10 staff in the day to day operation.

This growth has come about for 3 reasons:

  1. Product Quality
    The most important element of pegs and stakes is their strength, that's why all of our products are full sized. For example, if you order 50mm x 50mm, that is the size you get - not a smaller waste product that could break or split.
    Most stake manufactures in NZ take timber, remove the high value quality timber, and then make stakes out of the left over waste. We operate differently. We take the same timber, remove the bad quality and turn the high quality into pegs and stakes, that is why we are 100% confident we have the best product on the market.

  2. Lead Times
    For most companies pegs and stakes are made when the main operation is quiet, so this means you can wait weeks for your product to arrive. All we make are pegs and stakes, if fact with over 130,000 products in stock, most deliveries ship next day!

  3. Size Availability
    Because pegs and stakes can be made out of waste product, you could be restricted to what size product you can buy. We hold over 120 different products in stock, with a full made to order system, we can supply any size you want.
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